Oct 22, 2009

Baskug Work Place: Google Inc.

Google Inc is one of the biggest internet company in the world and has one of the biggest workplace. The video shows us how amazing to work with Google.

Windows 7

Windows 7, the newest Operating System on earth. Microsoft Inc. have just released their newest Operating System worldwide, the Windows 7. After the later Windows Vista have failed on convincing the users, they are back on track with the powerful Windows 7.

Windows 7 have compromised Windows Vista with its new features. Windows 7 new features includes:

  1. Snap - Snap is a quick (and fun) new way to resize open windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of your screen. Depending on which edge you choose—top or bottom, left or right—the window will expand vertically, fill the screen, or you can even position windows side by side. Snap makes reading, organizing, and comparing windows a...well, you get the picture.

  2. Live Task Preview - With Windows 7, you can point to a taskbar icon to see actual images of all of your open files or programs. Then, move your mouse over the image to preview the window full-screen. Click on the full screen image, and you can start working with it immediately. You can even close windows from the thumbnail previews—a big time saver.

  3. HomeGroup - New with Windows 7, HomeGroup takes the headache out of sharing files, devices, and printers on a home network. Connect two or more PCs running Windows 7, and HomeGroup makes it easy to automatically start sharing your music, pictures, video, and document libraries with others in your home.

  4. Pin - In Windows 7, you can use pinning to make your PC work even more the way you want. One big improvement is the ability to control where your programs appear on your taskbar. Always want your web browser right next to the start button? Drag the icon where you want it, and it'll stay there till you move it. You can also pin your program icon to the taskbar, so it's there all the time. You can even pin specific documents and web sites to Jump Lists on your taskbar.

  5. Windows Search - With Windows Vista, we introduced Instant Search, which helps you easily locate files, e-mail messages, and other items on your PC. If you remember the type of file, when it was created, or even what it contains, Instant Search helps you find it quickly from the Start menu and other folders. In Windows 7, Windows Search improves upon this feature by making search results more relevant and easier to review. Now, you can find more things in more places—and do it faster.

Windows 7

Minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7
Architecture 32-bit 64-bit
Processor 1 GHz 32-bit processor 1 GHz 64-bit processor
Memory (RAM) 1 GB of RAM 2 GB of RAM
Graphics Card DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver model 1.0(For Aero)
HDD free space 16 GB of available disk space 20 GB of available disk space
Optical drive DVD drive (only to install from DVD/CD Media)

Together with the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft is also opening its first retail shop in the US city of Scottsdale, Arizona to rival Apple shops.

Oct 15, 2009

Movie Trailer | Watch 2012 Movie Trailer HD

2012 Movie Trailer HD

Watch 2012 Movie Trailer HD. 2012 Movie will be on theaters on November 13, 2009 all around the World. The 2012 Movie is a film about a disaster that would destroy all the inhabitants of Earth. Directed by Roland Emmerich who have brought us "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow" and have a budget of $200 million.

2012 marks the year where the ancient Mayan Calendar ends. These people already warns us about the upcoming disaster that would destroy all lives on Earth.

Oct 14, 2009

Amazing Guitar

Andy McKee - Rylynn - Acoustic Guitar

Funtwo - Canon Rock - Electric Guitar

- Stefano Barone - Batman - Alexander Supertramp

Oct 3, 2009

10 Ways to Get A Better Picture Of YourSelf